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Stadler16tom08 4 days ago

40. Carne Asada Plate

The Carna Asada plate is my favorite, the meat is always cooked perfectly and tastes fresh. The rice is extremely flavorful and tastes delicious combined with the beans. We eat here very often and the customer service is amazing, the food is prepared very quickly too. Highly recommend this place!

Monique.Casillas 10 days ago

33. Cheeseburger Combo

Great burger at a great price!

Feathernc 13 days ago

43. Taquitos Con Guacamole

I really felt this dish tasted home made! I would recommend it to anyone.

Distantfirefight88 13 days ago

Asada Fries

It was good and it gets you full

Chevychita 19 days ago

Pollo Asado - With Rice and Beans

Great pollo and rice and beans. Thanks for the jalapeños and roast onions.

Michaelvallejos39 23 days ago

Steak, Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas

One of the best fajitas I had the my are big in size and will fill you up. Don't forget to try the house margarita called Sunset Blvd. and the hand made tortillas, they are to die for!And the staff makes it a memorable experience.

Deviant.Outlier about 1 month ago

48. Filete De Pescado Al Ajo

My family has had endless memories while eating. My daughter's first big girl plate was Filete de Pescado Al Ajo. We just to share a plate but as she grew up she wanted her very own plate. She says, she knew she was big when she finally got her very own plate. This one dish is a forever memory.

Torresliliana526 about 1 month ago

56. Chicken Fajitas

The food always good it was fresh.

Bandaid818 about 1 month ago

40. Carne Asada Plate

This carne asada plate never disappoints. The meat is so flavorful and tender. I always order it with double rice because the rice is delicious!

Garcia.Kenia99 about 1 month ago

10. Chilaquiles

My favorite chilaquiles so far! Better than my mommas, actually (for me).

Danawilkie about 2 months ago

Steak, Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas

The all shrimp fajitas were delicious. A huge portion that fed me for 2 days. The salsas are all yummy too. Paired with a house margarita (or two), fabulous. Convenient location and great prices too.

Cynthmatute 2 months ago

26. Burrito Mexicano

Very delicious. 100% recommend. Fav burrito ever

Cynthgod 2 months ago

43. Taquitos Con Guacamole

BOMB. Best item period. Will forever love you guys. So bomb ima cater thus food for my future wedding.

Ufcalexander 3 months ago

10. Chilaquiles

I simply love this dish, and don't forget to add scramble eggs, it's a MUST! I can eat this everyday all day. In terms of service, they are great and the kitchen is pretty fast.

Jcordova 3 months ago

42. 3 Piece Enchilada Plate

Honestly the Enchiladas are the best I've ever had! We order catering from Rodeo Grill every month and always order the enchiladas with rice and beans!!!! the green salsa is my absolute fav!!!

Lindazkewl 9 days ago

Four Tacos Plate

Oh my gosh! The food here is consistently fantastic! The chicken tacos are some of the most flavorful I've tried. The chicken is very well seasoned (and not over salty to make up for flavor) and I love that grilled onion! I'm never let down. Service is always professional and friendly. I'd also like to add that, while I know mistakes can happen sometime, they've never gotten my order wrong. Oh and also, the barbacoa tacos are to die for. And the beans!! Ok. I'll stop now. Bye.

Jen777tran 13 days ago

62. Cocido

Rodeo grill I commend you, every time it hits the spot and it makes me feel all warm inside with a smile in my tummy and on my face . By far my favorite but the Chips n Guacamole with my Bloody bloody bloody $&@!? Mary makes every thing all better. Thank you for all the other dishes there are soo man to choose from I would be stuck with having my memories with alll of them and writing a Rodeo blogger lol Good stuff a must have and must try everything ....

Distantfirefight88 13 days ago

Chilaquiles Con Huevo & Asada

This is my favorite dish on the entire menu !

Space2occupy 16 days ago

28. Burrito Combo

I've tried more than one dish here and Rodeo is my local go to when I want to get a burrito or tacos, usually with al pastor but I've also gotten chicken and vegetarian options. I highly recommend.

Chevychita 19 days ago

Cheeseburger Combo

Great taste and fresh lettuce tomatoes and onions. Their food is great.

Lisasanchez213 25 days ago

Tostadas De Ceviche

I love all there food!!!!

Pinkx11 about 1 month ago

27. Burrito Enchilado Plate

Burrito enchilada rojo is the best! Highly recommend!

Stephaniex1000 about 1 month ago

55. Camarones Empanizados

My favorite plate and place to eat for lunch. My coworkers and I regularly come at least once a week. I really enjoy the fried shrimp along with the salad. Best!

Perlaortiz31 about 1 month ago

63. Caldo De Pollo

The best chicken soup! It contains chayote, carrots, squash, potato, onion, tomato, and cilantro. It brings rice on the side. Add a little lemon and oregano- you got yourself a great cure for a cold.

Daisycastillo120 about 1 month ago

26. Burrito Mexicano

The burrito is great! I love ordering from you guys when I'm around! Also love your carne asada plate!

Mayraquinonez11 2 months ago

61. Shrimp Cocktail

the service is fast and efficient. The place is clean. The food that we ordered delicious and well-presente. Thank You

Jesskasparian9 2 months ago

27. Burrito Enchilado Plate

Best Mexican food in LA. Beans are unmatched AMAZING

Axxpatoxx 3 months ago

56. Chicken Fajitas

Mi favorito buen sabor cocinado bien. Tiene sus fallas en algunas entregas por teléfono pero bueno la comida bien.😋

Charlie 3 months ago

43. Taquitos Con Guacamole

I'm a huge fan of potato tacos and taquitos, so when I can find them I'm always excited. I ordered the Potato taquitos here and they were SO GOOD! Sometimes they can be bland, but these were well seasoned and crisp! No soggy taquito shells here!

Nicole.Raft 3 months ago

27. Burrito Enchilado Plate

This is a favorite in my house! My husband and I love getting the burrito enchilado and enjoying the sides of rice and beans. Classic!


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